Are the Limits of my Language, the Limits of my World?

Gideon Kiefer, Peter De Meyer, Ruben Bellinkx, Sofie Muller

November 20 to December 29, 2012

Preview: November 20, 2012

Location: Gallery Maskara

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Installation View, 2012

The Equirectangular Project

The works of Gideon Kiefer shown at the Gallery Maskara are part of what he calls The Equirectangular Project. It consists of drawings and studies of sculptures and situations in which people’s heads are encased in a sphere or in which a sphere is the leading subject.

 On the inside surface of these spheres Kiefer projects his panoramical drawings. The spherical drawings refer to the spherical virtual reality of Google Street View. Gideon uses these spheres as a metaphor for modern loneliness, the fake perception of reality and the false feeling of genuine and human communication.